Information about the Medication Vests

If you use a portable infusion pump every day to administer medication, then the innovative medication vest is for you.

It is designed to accommodate a Cadd legacy Plus, Cadd legacy One, Cadd legacy PCA or a Duodopa pump with a 100 ml medicine cassette and intended to be worn as underwear. This ensures that the pump stays tight against the body. Intended for use by one patient.
By wearing a Medication Vests, you will discover that your portable infusion pump is safe.
With a Medication Vest(s) you can be active again, all patients who want more freedom of movement with their portable infusion pump will benefit from these Medication Vests.
Focus on your life, stop worrying about your infusion pump.

Medications Vests for him and her by TeCuro Ltd
Medications Vests for him and her

The challenge to wear an infusion pump 24/7

The challenge for people who need to use an infusion pump 24/7 is how they can fit into their daily lives and activities, such as cycling, walking, jogging, physical therapy, sports or even what they have to do with the infusion pump at night.

There are many accessories such as backpacks, pouch bags, shoulder bags or a medical carrier bag as shown in the picture to the left. All these solutions have one thing in common; the ambulatory infusion pump came first, it is protected. The patient came in second place.

This Medication Vest(s) alternative that improves your quality of life.
The innovation of the Medication Vest started with the patient first; what are their needs, what are the problems that the patient is confronted with on a daily basis and how can we help to improve the quality of life.

These were the first questions that were asked.
The result is the Medication Vest, easy access to the control panel, easy access to the PEG-J connection, easy wearing.

A genuine Parkinson's Disease patient displaying a surgically installed PEG-J tube which carries antiparkinson medication directly into the jejunum.
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An infusion pump

A genuine Parkinson’s Disease patient displaying a surgically installed PEG-J tube which carries anti-parkinson medication directly into the jejunum.

A carrying case
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A carrying case
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Different ways for carrying an infusion pump

Make a hole in your outerwear to connect to the PEG-J tube or wear loose T-shirts.

A carrying case
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You must always carry your ambulatory infusion pump with you, some patients day and night.
If you use the small shoulder bag, you can hide it under a jacket and somehow connect the hose through the armhole of the t-shirt or make a hole in the side seam of your blouse.
With the Medication Vest, this is all much easier.
You wear it as underwear, the pump is safe and stable.

A fanny pack

A fanny pack

Fanny packs are in many varieties and sold for different prices.
See online for more information

There is a better way

The Medication Vest which you wear as underwear, it holds the pump tightly against the body and the tubing is tucked away safely.
No accidents such as;
tubes getting stuck behind a doorknob and the PEG-j connection breaks loose,
stand up after you sat down and forgot that you had put your bag on the floor
or while sleeping that the tube gets caught around your arm or body.

The Medication Vests which used to be manufactured by TeCuro are the only original products that do exactly what they were developed for.
It gives peace of mind and confidence back to people. Grab a terrace, take a walk on the beach, go shopping in the city, start sports activities again such as cycling, jogging, tennis and more, it’s all possible.
You have your life back and the infusion pump is safe and out of harm’s way in the pump pocket, invisible under your outer clothing.

The Dutch Design Duodopa Vest with the infusion pump insterted inside the pump pocket developed by TeCuro Ltd
The Medication Vest with the infusion pump inserted inside the pump pocket developed by Jean Paul Jaspers

This can be so much better

Sleeping with the infusion pump becomes a challenge.
The medical staff advises some patients to keep the pump as close as possible to the PEG-J tube, so sleeping becomes a challenge.
Here some general advice from medical staff:
“Hanging from the headboard of the bed is a good idea and maybe put some pillows around you so you won’t roll.”
“Place the pump on the bedside table and sleep close to the edge of the bed might work !!!”
“Some patients sleep with it under their pillow or between their legs and put some pillows around them so that they don’t turn in their sleep.”
“Try a number of different methods until you find one that works for you, it is important that the ambulatory infusion pump is safe, stable, does not fall down or gets damaged.”

The original Medication Vest keeps your infusion pump in the right place, close to your PEG-J tube, safe and stable.
You can walk around more easily, getting out of bed at night is no problem and sleeping is more comfortable.
The medicine vest keeps the infusion pump in place, giving you more freedom of movement.
It is an innovative solution that offers you peace of mind.


The Medication Vest(s) first concept of proof were designed by Marijn Schrieken and after this initial phase, Jean Paul Jaspers started with the production of the first trial. Over the years the Medication Vest(s) has been developed further by Jean Paul Jaspers and manufactured for AbbVie B.V.
TeCuro Ltd. was opened in 2016 with the sole purpose to supply AbbVie with the Dutch Design Duodopa Vest, this ended in January 2018, the cooperation between the TeCuro Ltd. and AbbVie B.V. came to an abrupt end.
In April 2018, AbbVie has filled with EUIPO an application for a declaration of invalidity for the trademark Dutch Design Duodopa Vest. You can read all about it on the website if you want to know more.

The company TeCuro Ltd has been closed in November 2020.

The Snug Vest which is now provided by AbbVie to their patients is not the same as the Dutch Design Duodopa Vest, it is a badly made copy.

For all your questions, send us a message.