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Medications Vests for him and her by TeCuro

The company TeCuro Ltd. has been closed since November 2020.

In the past, TeCuro manufactured Medication Vest(s), vests with individual pockets that are suitable to hold an ambulatory infusion pump, which you carry on your body. The Medication Vest(s) would give you more freedom of movement as the pump is held tight in place on your body. The Medication Vest(s) are intended to be worn as underwear, this ensures that the pump stays tight against the body. Intended for use by one patient only.
The company TeCuro Ltd. is closed. The know-how and expertise in manufacturing and development of Medication Vest(s) as done by Jean Paul Jaspers are still available. If you want more information you can use the contact form to get in touch with Jean Paul Jaspers.

Disclaimer, the trademark Dutch Design Duodopa Vest is not longer valid.
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The Dutch Design Duodopa Vest with the ambulatory infusion pump in one of the pump bags with the transparent window

Dutch Design Duodopa Vest declaration of invalidity

In April 2018, AbbVie has filled with EUIPO an application for a declaration of invalidity for the trademark Dutch Design Duodopa Vest. The final decision came on 7 off July 2020, AbbVie won the case and the trademark registration is cancelled by EUIPO. You can read all about it on the website dutchdesignduodopavest.com if you want to know more. As for TeCuro, the cooperation with AbbVie was already ended during January 2018, as turned out not the most reliable partnership. TeCuro will no longer be able to provide patients with a Dutch Design Duodopa Vest.
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